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The Nurturing Program of the Child Abuse Prevention Project has been serving families in sixteen counties of North-Central Florida since 1986. Designed for parents considered to be at risk of neglecting and abusing their children, the Nurturing Program provides in-home parent education at no charge to referred families in our catchment area.

To enhance the nurturing skills of parents, our Family Education Specialists present concepts of parent responsibility, discipline, problem solving, and family communications. They also provide information to aid in understanding children’s behaviors and needs in a way that opens new options and possibilities for the family. Our Family Education Specialists provide appropriate parenting information and case management for families to promote their client’s abilities to function independently in life and to form trusting relationships for a new network of support. We believe that helping parents feel successful and competent gives them the energy and confidence to attend to the needs of their children. If the basic needs of the children are not being met and it is felt that without intervention the situation will deteriorate, you may wish to make a referral. Also, families with newborns, whether or not it is a first baby, will benefit from the program. The program invites referrals from professionals working with families in health departments, social services agencies, hospitals, schools, physicians, and from parents asking for help for themselves. Participation in the program is on a voluntary basis only.

To make a referral to the Nurturing Program, contact the CAPP office for an intake packet. The packet will include a sign up sheet and information about the program. Please call to inquire about our catchment area.

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